About Us

Set up in 2005 by Brent Hoberman (lastminute.com, made.com, PROfounders Capital) and Jonathan Goodwin (LongAcre, The Wireless Group, Lepe Partners, PROfounders Capital) Founders Forum is a series of intimate annual global events for the leading entrepreneurs of today and the rising stars of tomorrow.

A world-class event within a unique environment for our guests to discuss, debate and innovate. There are almost no speeches. The idea is everyone there could be a speaker in their own right. So, it's about brainstorming with very smart peers. The only part of the Founders Forum events where there are short speeches is the disruptive technology session. During this is session we select world class companies who can inspire and change the way we all think about our businesses and futures.

Founders forum for Good Foundation:
In 2013, we launched our foundation, Founders Forum for Good- helping to support and champion entrepreneurs using digital for social and environmental change. Visit the website to find out more.

Founders Keepers:
Outside the core events, we have just launched Founders Keepers, an executive recruitment service that finds and places the best people in top management roles at high growth and early stage companies.

Innovation Workshops:
Finally, our new innovation Workshops finds and filters innovative digital and technology start-ups for corporate clients. We are a proud partner of the British Government's GREAT campaign and welcome the support received from the British Prime Minister.