Rising Stars - Where are they now?

London - June 2012

Beleza Natural - Download Presentation

Beleza Natural specializes in tightly-curled and wavy hair, and created treatments such as Super-Relaxante (Super-Relaxing) which makes this type of hair softer, giving it well- defined, longer curls. The company created an innovative process to apply the product - the process is similar to a factory production line: each client is treated by a number of different professionals in succession to create a faster and more efficient process, which means lower costs and lower prices).

With almost 70% of Brazilian women having hair considered frizzy in texture, Beleza Natural is filling an unmet need. Beleza Natural is not a traditional “chain” of beauty salons. It is in fact positioned for an unexploited niche market – women with tightly curled hair that usually came from the base of the pyramid – and offers specialized and unique services for customers who are not used to it. The company currently has 12 salons; a complete line of products ; a factory and a training centre; a Research and Development laboratory, and partnership with biotechnology universitites. Beleza Natural employs over 1,500 people. The co-founder Leila Velez is currently the Chief Executive.

Infibeam - Download Presentation

Infibeam is an exciting online shopping destination in India and stores some of the coolest products like books, mobile phones, computers and accessories, cameras, watches, health equipment, apparel, cakes, chocolates, flowers, combo gifts and much more. And these products are up for grab at guaranteed lowest price. The company has been founded by Vishal Mehta.

The team at Infibeam makes online shopping easy & fun with a user-friendly shopping interface. With its same day delivery option as well as home delivery, it offers its customers a low risk opportunity. It has Magic Box which provides irresistible deal a day with one product at the best possible price available anywhere online or offline. It also has a DIY Ecommerce store called buildabazaar.com that allows online businesses to create their own e-commerce store.

King.com - Download Presentation

King.com, co-founded by Toby Rowland and Riccardo Zacconi, aspires to make fun and simple games for everyone. Since 2003 we've been a leader and pioneer in making games for players all around the world. We're commited to delivering casual, social games that have connected over 38 million players with over 2.8 billion game plays. We're a passionate team who have delivered 150 classic and fun new titles in 14 languages, across our growing gaming network on the web, social and mobile.

Our hits include Bubble Saga, Bubble Witch Saga, Mahjong Saga and Hoop De Loop Saga on Facebook where we are a top 10 Facebook application developer with over 11m DAU / 45m MAU. We're rapidly expanding these games onto mobile, along with Google+ and the HTML5 platform. Games are free to play with friends and many play head-to-head in skill tournaments for small cash stakes at www.king.com. Many of our games are also played through leading global portals, website and media companies such as Yahoo and MSN. We have offices in London, Hamburg, Stockholm, Malmo, Milan, Malta, Bucharest and San Francisco.

Outfit7 - Download Presentation

With over 115 million Monthly Active Users since its first app launch in July 2010, Outfit7 is one of the world's fastest growing mobile entertainment networks. Its Talking Friends collection has become an entertainment phenomenon with the characters featured on ABC's Modern Family as well as NBC's Today Show. There are 14 characters in the Talking Friends collection including Talking Tom Cat, Talking Ben and Talking Gina the Giraffe.

Each of the Talking Friends apps features a unique and fully animated 3D character that comes to life when poked, tickled, and played with on mobile touch-screen devices for the iOS and Android platforms. The interactive characters repeat everything a user says and customized videos of interactions with the characters can be shared via Facebook, YouTube or email. Outfit7 is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus with subsidiaries in Palo Alto, USA; London, England; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Seoul, South Korea.

Paperless Post - Download Presentation

Alexa Hirschfeld is a Co-founder of Paperless Post, a startup that has delivered nearly 60MM online invitations since it launched in 2009. All invitations sent before January 2012 were paid for using a virtual currency per invitation sent. Since then company has introduced a growing free line of invitations in addition to its paid model.

Paperless Post has revolutionized both the style and substance of its category. It has introduced design as a core value of the medium, removed ads, and changed the way people look at the vertical. The company, which was co-founded by Alexa and her brother James, has 50 people and offices in NY and SF.

Raspberry Pi - Download Presentation

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It's a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video. We want to see it being used by kids all over the world to learn programming.

It has been developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a Cambridge-based non-profit, which aims to "put the fun back into computing", and to give another generation of children access to the same opportunities that the BBC Micro gave us.

RoboSavvy - Download Presentation

RoboSavvy offers everything to bring your robotics projects alive. We empower creative minds by providing the parts and know-how to invent cool robots and the experience to learn by doing so. Our customers include designers, elementary teachers, researchers, professors, artists and engineers, all looking to connect bytes with atoms. RoboSavvy was the first company to make humanoid robot kits available to the general public outside of Japan. Our online community forum caters to thousands of enthusiasts, hobbyists and researchers exploring legged robots. Stocking and selling a thousand key components, we are the UK distributor for brands such as Aldebaran (France), Robotis (Korea), Makerbot (USA).

We are developing a rotating Kinect radar for robotic 3D mapping, a social interactive humanoid robot with a facebook account, a Segway robot that roams around the office doing errands and low cost robotic legs that can run and jump. We have also developed a dog robot that was themed in the a launch of a tablet device and choreographed the dance sequence of a humanoid robot that performed on stage in front of thousands of people that copied his moves, creating a world record in the process.

Swrve - Download Presentation

Swrve is leading the next generation of big-data companies. In a post-analytics world it's action that counts and Swrve's real time platform for mobile A/B testing supports just that.

Swrve allows design, product and marketing teams continually test and adjust their apps, maximizing engagement across an unlimited range of users; all in real-time, all with-out IT support.

Tinkercad - Download Presentation

Tinkercad is a web based 3D design tool supporting one of the fastest growing design communities in the world. The design tool is used by everyone from elementary school students to grandparents and urban agriculture developers. In addition to a large collection of user created models available under Creative Commons the site also features a collection of lessons that teach users basic and advanced design skills.

The 3D editing tool is backed by a custom cloud based geometry kernel which is technologically more advanced than anything found even in high end CAD packages like Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor.


zeebox was founded in 2011 by Anthony Rose (ex-CTO BBC iPlayer and Kazaa) and Ernesto Schmitt (former Director, EMI). The company employs 60 staff at its headquarters in Covent Garden, London, and is rapidly expanding in the US and European markets. zeebox is the market-leading companion app for TV viewing, bringing your social network, a wealth of relevant information, remote control functionality, and the ability to buy products seen on TV to your PC, smartphone or tablet, while you watch TV.

zeebox is your TV sidekick. It knows what’s on TV and continuously brings you relevant Internet experiences that are contextual to what you are watching. With zeebox on the second screen, consumers can discover what to watch on TV, engage with friends around TV programming, get information about the shows they love, and buy the products they see on screen with just a few clicks.

Mumbai - Feb 2012

Chhotu - Download Presentation

Chhotu is redefining the way eCommerce is done in India by continuous innovation. The mission is to deliver anything ordered online within 24 hours anywhere in India and support eCommerce growth and making it more profitable for merchants.

The company is founded by Navneet Singh and Aadhar Agarwal, both young entrepreneurs. It is focused on last mile logistics for eCommerce and its solutions are helping its partners in becoming great consumer brands with improved profit margins. The company’s services include reverse logistics, CoD, offline payment collection etc. Among its clientele are Myntra, Urbantouch, Zovi, 99levels, healthkart, lenskart etc.

55Social - Download Presentation

55social provides a social media marketing platform that enables companies to manage all of their social conversations and to create interactive and engaging marketing campaigns (such as promotions, contests, etc) while obtaining data and analysis of all of their actions in social media.

Located in Brazil, 55social also partners with big companies and agencies to develop new and innovative campaigns, unique to each client. Because we start from the platform we already have, our costs and time to market are always competitive.

These solutions allow companies to use all of social media’s tools and creativity in their campaigns, increasing the number of fans and engagement of their brands in the online world.

55social received investment from IG Expansion and Redpoint Ventures in August, 2011.

Jivox - Download Presentation

Jivox is a complete platform for interactive video advertising from creative customization to campaign execution and analytics. The Jivox technology enables brand advertisers, digital agencies and publishers to deliver highly engaging video ads powered by interactive and social sharing widgets. Jivox is the only provider that delivers and measures interactive video advertising online and to popular HTML5-compatible mobile devices, including the Apple, Android and BlackBerry. Jivox has been founded by Diaz Nesamoney.

Clients license and use the Jivox platform to deliver video ads online, on mobile and tablet devices and manage all aspects of ad operations through an easy-to-use web based interface. Jivox provides campaign performance tracking, brand awareness and purchase intent analytics for advertisers via randGage — its proprietary real-time analytics platform.

Infibeam - Download Presentation

Infibeam is an exciting online shopping destination in India and stores some of the coolest products like books, mobile phones, computers and accessories, cameras, watches, health equipment, apparel, cakes, chocolates, flowers, combo gifts and much more. And these products are up for grab at guaranteed lowest price.

The company has been founded by Vishal Mehta. The team at Infibeam makes online shopping easy & fun with a user-friendly shopping interface. With its same day delivery option as well as home delivery, it offers its customers a low risk opportunity. It has Magic Box which provides irresistible deal a day with one product at the best possible price available anywhere online or offline. It also has a DIY Ecommerce store called buildabazaar.com that allows online businesses to create their own e-commerce store.

Canvera - Download Presentation

Canvera is an online photography company providing mass customized printed products and e-commerce solutions to professional photographers. Canvera’s objective is to become a global digital imaging products & services platform. The company has been founded by Dhiraj Kacker and Peeyush Rai.

Canvera has serviced 10,000+ photographers in over 300 cities all over India and disrupted the Indian photography market as the first branded player in an unorganized market. The team is comprised of professionals with vast experience in digital imaging, internet technologies, marketing & manufacturing who have previously worked in nearly every corner of the world. The team has come together with a singular passion to create one of the world's best Digital Imaging products and services companies.

Auto-Wale - Download Presentation

The company’s vision is to make commute system better and reliable - not by putting more vehicles on roads. Instead, by re-using existing infrastructure in a more optimized way. Offering radio-auto-rickshaw service is company’s first step towards this vision, as it sees auto-rickshaws as a nerve of commute system, especially in cities like Pune.

Autowale is co-Founded by Mukesh Jha and Janardan Prasad, both IITK alumni, to develop smarter and more efficient commuting systems in growing cities. In an effort to make last mile commute better for middle-income group, company launched first of its kind Dial-A-Rickshaw service named Autowale. Currently, Autowale has a stable fleet of auto-rickshaws along with customer base in Pune and is planning to expand to other cities.

Rio - March 2012


Founded in 2009 by members with different backgrounds, the site OQVESTIR born with the idea of adding expertise, creating a fashion e-commerce putting information and sales together. In both years, the site has significantly increased the portfolio and became a national reference in the industry, offering the best of more than 70 brands of clothes and apparel, mined on a mix balanced of fashion and fashion concept to real life. The website also features style tips, free charge fashion advice and maintains a blog full of news. Deliveries are made carefully, combining agility and safety. Since 2011, the U.S. investment group Tiger Global, are a partner of companies like Facebook, Linkedin and Netshoes, became part of the roll of investor.

SaveMe - Download Presentation

SaveMe is the biggest aggregator of daily deals in Latin America, allowing users to easily find in one place the best offers on the web.

VivaReal - Download Presentation

VivaReal.com.br is venture backed an online real estate marketplace that connects buyers, renters and sellers with properties in Brazil. We are making the process of finding a home a better experience in Brazil.

Kekanto - Download Presentation

Kekanto is a Social Local Guide whose mission is to make sure its users find the places they'll love or need.

Grupo Xangô - Download Presentation

Grupo Xangô is a technology holding company founded in Brazil by tech executives with vast experience in the US, Europe, and Australia with the objective of innovating in Cloud-Based Online Consumer Services, by Brazilians and for Brazilians.

We create and scale Internet Startups focused on high-value digital business models, built on a massively scalable Services Platform that can significantly improve the digital lives of millions of users in Latin America. By creating a culture engineering excellence around Cloud Services we believe we will not only establish a sustainable competitive advantage but also contribute to the Internet Technology ecosystem growth in Brazil and Latin America.

Elo7 is the leader and foremost brazilian marketplace connecting sellers and buyers that love handicrafts and exclusive handmade goods, promoting a positive e-commerce and social experience in a safe, convenient and user- friendly environment.

Captalis - Download Presentation

Captalis helps insurance companies and banks to reach their target customers through the internet.

Through Prestum.com.br, it enables users to compare a wide range of financial and insurance products by price or specific characteristics. Captalis aims to bring transparency to a traditionally complex market.

Founded in 2010 in Spain, since 2011 operates in Brazil through several vertical websites. Captalis is backed by premium investors such IG Expansion, leading internet business developer in Latinamerica, Kinnevik Ventures, Swedish investment company, and relevant angel investors such as Michael Van Swaaij, Fabrice Grinda or Xavier Niel among others.

London - June 2011

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